Teaching Sets Status


There are currently 7 Chinese staff and 8 Pakistani staff at CI-UAF Headquarters. Its existing construction area is more than 2,000 square meters, and under construction, the area is 4,000 square meters, covering more than 20,000 square meters.

Dedicated Resources Provided by UAF

  • Video Conference Rooms (DLC-1 & 3) for HSK courses and exams.
  • Shared Resources with The University.
  • Cooking Lab for Chinese Cooking Classes at Institute of Home Sciences.
  • University classrooms for the Chinese Language as Elective Course.
  • University Stadium for Martial Arts Classes.
  • Expo Center for Cultural show & Exhibition.


CI-UAF teaching set at UET is staffed with 3 Chinese teachers. And there are 2 offices occupying 10.5 square meters and 40.95 square meters respectively, 2 classrooms of 92.13 square meters and 40.95 square meters each, and 2 apartments totaling 90 square meters. The total area is 271.53 square meters.


CI-UAF teaching set at KIU is staffed with 5 Chinese teachers and 5 Pakistani staff. And there is 1 office of 30 square meters, 4 classrooms, two of which are 40 square meters each and the other two 30 square meters each.


CI-UAF teaching set at Sahiwal coal power plant is staffed with 1 Chinese teacher and 1 local assistant. There are 1 office and 2 classrooms. The plant provides a Chinese teachers with free accommodation and food.

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