Head of Institute

Academic Administration at CI-UAF (Chinese Faculty)

7 Official Teachers:




7 Official Volunteer Teachers:

Main Campus UAF: 2

At KIU, Gilgit: 2

At UET, Lahore: 3

Main Campus UAF: 4

At KIU, Gilgit: 3

Academic Management

General Controller

Vice Chancellor:

Vice Chairman (Local Dean):

Chinese Dean:

General affaires of the institute.

Student affairs and HSK tests.

Teacher management, teaching evaluation and HSK tests.


Chinese Academic Director:

Chinese Academic Directors of Each Campus:

Teacher management, teaching evaluation, student affairs and HSK tests.

Teacher management; student affairs assistant for student affairs; academic assistant for teaching management and HSK tests.

Administration Management

Vice Chairman (Local Dean):


Procurement, Logistics & external Linkages.

Financial Assistant for procurement; Office Manager/Assistant for logistics; Academic Assistant for external linkages.

Office Administration at CI-UAF (Local Assistants)

Office Manager:

Financial Assistant:

Academic Assistant:

Student Affair Assistant:

Office Assistant:

Office Workers:

1 Full-time

1 Full-time, 1 Chinese teacher part-time

1 Full-time, 1 Chinese teacher part-time

1 Full-time, 1 Chinese teacher part-time

3 Full-time

1 Full-time

1 full-time, 1 Chinese teacher part-time